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Quality aviation sunglasses designed for pilots, tested by pilots, and sold to pilots around the globe!
AV-Sun's are among the few aviation sunglasses that meet all FAA recommendations.
AV-SUN 180

Titanium Flyer Sunglasses
 AV-Sun Titanium Flyer

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 There are many good sunglasses on the market that are great for driving a car but not good for flying a plane.

When driving a car you are only looking 100ft to 1/4 mile away but when flying a plane you're looking for other planes 2 miles away or more. That's why you need the clearest lenses made. The AV-Suns were designed just for pilots!

AV-Suns feature gradient tint!
It is difficult for pilots to see maps and instruments when looking through dark tinted lenses. AV-Sun aviator sunglasses feature gradient tint that fades to clear on the bottom of the lens. Your view of the panel, instruments, and aviation maps will be bright, sharp and clear! 

CR-39 lens material used on all AV-Suns! CR-39 is the clearest lens material available, a necessity to see air traffic far away.
AV-Suns are not polarized. Polarized sunglasses should not be worn by pilots because they block glare making it difficult to see air traffic or the screen on a GPS. We do not sell polarized sunglasses. The glare from an approaching plane is the first thing you see to avoid a mid-air.  
Regular AV-Suns (No Bifocals)
Sunglasses for pilots with excellent vision. Feature gradient tint with UV protection, the same tint as used by U.S. fighter pilots!

Allow you to see air traffic under bright conditions outside and maps and instruments under low light conditions inside.

See air traffic and read
aviation maps/GPS/panel instruments without removing glasses!

AV-Sun Readers  (With Bifocals)
Sunglasses for pilots who use reading glasses. Feature the same gradient tint and UV protection as the AV-Sun but also feature low cut bifocals that allow you to read the small print on aviation maps.

Bifocals are cut low on the lens so your vision outside the plane is not distorted. AV-Sun readers are available in your choice of bifocal strength.

Read aviation maps, GPS, panel instruments and see air traffic with one pair of glasses!

Some pilots use two pairs of glasses, sunglasses to see outside and reading glasses to see instruments and aviation maps inside. It can be a hassle to change glasses when at the controls. That is why the AV-Sun Reader bifocal sunglasses were developed, to put the focus back on flying.

AV-Sun Readers function as both reading and sunglasses.
You will no longer need to change glasses when at the controls as you only need one pair of glasses.
   Aviation professionals who wear AV-Sun's agree they are "the best aviator sunglasses available for pilots!" AV-Sun sunglasses feature the clearest of lenses. We use aviator gray tint from BPI Inc.

BPI Inc. developed the color for U.S. fighter pilots who make life and death decisions in a split second. The tint will not change the color of what you look at. The tint gently fades to clear at the bottom of the lens and will not distort your vision.

AV-Suns are available in durable titanium frames or traditional gold. Titanium frames are flexible for a more comfortable fit.
It's important that you are not distracted when at the controls. Pilots must multitask, see air traffic, read maps, scan instruments, enter frequencies, navigate and communicate over the radio. Men and women pilots who wear reading glasses need AV-Sun's. It's a hassle to remove a headset to change glasses. You need sunglasses to see outside and reading glasses to see maps and instruments inside. Pilots like AV-Sun Readers because they allow you to do both with one pair of glasses. You will no longer need to change glasses when at the controls.

AV-Sun's look great on men and women and are available in several styles. AV-Sun aviaton sunglasses are simply the best option for pilots.
U.S. residents, call toll free: 1-866-365-0357
Outside U.S call: 1-253-630-5806

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